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SuperSpray swivel, spray and stream aerators add versatility and flexibility to kitchen faucets.
The spray body lets you choose between a wide forceful shower-like spray or a softer aerated stream. The swivel action lets you direct the spray or stream right where you want it, standard aerators only provide a stream that goes straight down. The deluxe unit includes a flow control lever that lets you easily adjust the force of the flow and cut the flow to a trickle to save water between rinsing. Available in 3 styles, standard, deluxe or double swivel, and in 2 flow rates. Our original 2.2 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) and new California Compliant water saving 1.8 GPM.

All brass swivel balls, connectors, and controls made in the USA
Plastic spray & stream body made in Italy
Provides wide, powerful spray – makes rinsing quick and easy
Or Aerated Stream – reduces splash, great for filling
Pull down on spray body for SPRAY, push up for STREAM
Swivel action lets you reach the entire base of your kitchen sink.
Double Swivel model increases swivel action so spray reaches the entire kitchen sink, wall and all.
Deluxe model includes water saving lever control –
Cuts flow to a trickle between rinsing to save water or reduce flow when less force is needed.
Has both standard male and female threads to fit most kitchen faucets
15/16ths x 27 male and 55/64ths x 27 female threads machined into the brass fitting.
Now available in 2 flow rates, the standard 2.2 GPM and the Saver series 1.8 GPM.

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