Vestal Manufacturing 23″ One Piece Cast Iron Grate

Vestal Manufacturing

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Let your fire burn stronger and longer with this Copperfield Fireplace Grate. It features an elevated cast iron grille structure with wide grating for enhanced airflow. The 23″ fireplace grate lets you enjoy an open fire ambiance with less maintenance. The grate easily holds large logs in addition to smaller pieces of fuel such as pinecones and charcoal. Its wide grille design is ideal for medium to large wood burning fireplaces. A practical and functional one-piece grate. The simple design will work perfectly in your wood-burning fireplace.
23″ 1-Piece Cast Iron Grate:
Practical and functional 1-piece grate
Simple design, ideal to use in a wood-burning fireplace
Cast iron fireplace grate measures: 23″W at the front x 18″W at the back x 12″D
Leg height: 2.1″
Weight: 19 lbs
Enhances airflow for the fire to burn longer
Ideal for large logs, charcoal and other pieces of fuel

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