ChapStick Classic Original Lip Balm 12 Ct


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ChapStick® Classic Original is the tried, tested and trusted lip balm that glides on like silk and stays put, shielding your lips from the chaffing wind and the biting cold. Its patented formula is specially designed to soften and protect your lips without feeling waxy, sticky or greasy. Whether you want to protect to help heal dry, chapped lips or prevent them from getting that way in the first place, applying as needed will help keep your lips soft and smooth. ChapStick® Classic Original simply does its job with no fuss and no surprises – no wonder it's a classic! Our convenient 12-pack helps ensure you have a tube on hand everywhere you go, all year-round. Each box includes 12 (0.15-ounce) tubes of ChapStick® Classic Original Flavor Skin Protectant Lip Balm.

Includes 12 regular-size (0.15 Ounce) tubes.
Helps prevent and heal dry, chapped lips.
Smoothes and softens lips.
ChapStick® Classic Original Flavor.

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