Brush Machete, 24-In.


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24" clearing machete, use for clearing & cutting back thick brush, fast growing vegetation, vines, palms, fronds & ornamental grasses in your yard & garden, 15" blade clears large areas with wide, powerful swings, curved blade profile helps prevent the blade from sticking in dense growth, strategic grip system lets you choke up for precision work, grip the middle for general use or grip the end for maximum force, 1 handed use, hardened steel blade stays sharp through heavy use, rust resistant, low friction coating glides through tough materials without sticking, thoughtfully applied softgrip touchpoints reduce blisters, contoured, textured handle improves grip & draws sweat away from your palm, curved handle end keeps the tool safely & securely in hand when swinging with maximum force, finger guard offers added protection for safe use, includes nylon carrying sheath, lifetime warranty.

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